Following a (mercifully) brief wait for the latest report, I am very pleased to announce that it went very well and we achieved a very solid ‘Good’ in all areas, and therefore a Good rating overall.

Good rating Care Quality Commission

Good rating Care Quality Commission

Very well done to all involved! This is an improvement over the last report. We are looking at targeting a number of areas in order to attain outstanding next time, and this report gives us an excellent foundation to build upon.

The inspector fed back that she had no concerns, and was very positive about the home and staff. I have picked a few quotes out from the report, once it is fully published it will be visible on the Care Quality Commission website and I will provide a link to the full report.

One person told us “I’m a difficult eater but the food is lovely. They know what I like. They give me something else if I don’t like what’s on the menu.”

One person told us “The staff are wonderful”. Another told us “If I press my bell they (staff) come quickly but
usually I don’t need to because staff notice I need some help”.

Staff were knowledgeable about people andtheir history. One person told us “The carers are wonderful; they know me and my needs well”.

One person said “I have lovely room with a nice view. The home let me put up all my pictures, so it feels like home”. They went on to say “I’m very very very happy here”.

A care worker told us “We have little books ‘My Life’ and provides information about people’s past. The more you can delve into the past and people’s personalities the better”. They went on to explain how the information helped in supporting people to maintain interests. Examples included a garden activity for one person and a bird table put outside a room for another.

Staff felt valued in their roles. One care worker said “I feel valued. If we take up extra shifts we can apply to receive vouchers to spend in shops – it’s a good incentive”.

Thank you and well done to everyone, both staff and visitors for their efforts, much appreciated!