Assisted Living

Modern in style and with views of both our gardens and neighbouring paddocks. Not only do our assisted living pods have strong visual appeal but more practically they enhance the level of care provision that our service can offer – following our long standing ethos of care; to maximise independence.

The units provide an excellent alternative to couples either or both of which might require full time care. 

Often this is provided in the majority by the partner with minimal support from home care which is generally considered the bare minimum and often takes a great toll on the carer partner.

‘The Pods’ would provide the same level of care as those residents within our home and provide an excellent alternative to traditional residential care.


They also allow couples to stay together longer and in more favourable circumstances with the care work taken on by our highly trained and supervised on site care staff.

Residents within the pods are able to enjoy the activities and facilities within the care home as well as have the independence of having their own unit which would comprise of a kitchen, lounge bathroom and bedroom.

All of which are fitted with the latest adaptations for our client group, as well as an acoustic (listening) call bell system linked with the existing system within the home.


They  also have the peace of mind of having on site 24 hour a day 365 days a year care support that is covered by CCTV that is observed throughout the night.

Residents can also opt to have meals delivered from the care home or eat within our dining room.

For potential residents this solution allows freer use of their capital as significant amounts would not be tied into a sheltered housing scheme which with market saturation with these developments as it is, are difficult to sell, and often do not provide the level of 24 hour close care and support that can be offered within a formal care environment such as Avon Lee Lodge.

Our pricing structure for the pods allows us to get very close to social services funding for double occupancy, i.e. married couples providing an excellent resource for the entire community.


Verified Pod Review from

“My Wife and I stayed for me to receive respite care and for control of my morphine requirement which was successfully received. All the staff were caring and immediately responsive. The quality of the accommodation and its care were exceptional.”

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