Our Mission is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care

Our service is directly supervised by the directors, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy. They have owned and run Avon lee Lodge since 2005 and have worked to constantly adapt, improve, and refine both the building, staff and service to meet the changing demands of the care sector.

“Before acquiring Avon Lee Lodge in 2005 my wife and I started our journey as care providers in 2001 in our own five bedded care home in London. We were in effect 75% of the staff rota, and living within the home ourselves, gave us a solid foundation for our careers in the care sector.

From this, we moved to Christchurch in 2005 and acquired a 13 bedded care home in Christchurch, which we have steadily expanded and improved to reflect the core values developed in those early years.

Our aim with Avon Lee Lodge is to maximise our clients independence within the bounds of acceptable risk in a homely environment.”

Mr. Leigh Kennedy.

Director of Avon lee Lodge

What are the benefits of close Director involvement?

 Close Staff Supervision

Our staff are closely supervised by the Directors Mr and Mrs Kennedy using tried and tested systems derived from our Investors in People accreditation.

As well as being simple good practice this tried and tested formula ensures service continuity and quality for our residents.

Furthermore as owner directors we can ensure our service quality more than anyone else.

 Excellent Resident Knowledge

As ‘hands on’ Directors Mr and Mrs Kennedy are briefed regularly on the well being of their clients.

Coupled with regular staff supervisions, workshops and staff meetings allows Avon Lee Lodge to be highly responsive to our clients needs.

Alongside our use of technology – person centred software we have a very in depth overview of our clients.

Robust Quality Assurance

Our annual quality assurance surveys allow our residents, their families and other stakeholders to partake in a survey to help maintain service quality.

We also have an effective complaints procedure ensuring your voice is heard if you feel improvements can be made.

Coupled with the aforementioned staff supervisions and workshops these can be an effective tool in making sure the service is correct. 

Excellence in residential care…


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