2018 will be a year of significant investment into Avon Lee Lodge as we gear the service up for the next decade. Much of this will involve the implementation of new technologies and of course the building of our close care units.


However there are areas that we have identified for refurbishment and improvement; we will be consulting regarding some of these areas, such as the garden re landscaping and bathroom refurbishment in due course. Other areas of improvement include new flooring in the hallway and conservatory.

Call Bell System

Following on from the consultation with Adaptive IT solutions, staff representatives, some staff and relatives, we have decided to go ahead with the acoustic monitoring call ball system. The technology is ‘state of the art’ and we are very excited to be one of the first homes in the country to utilise such technology. If you missed last months news letter the video below gives concise overview of this excellent system.

Thank you to those of you that attended your input was valuable and appreciated.

Electronic Care Planning

As the above call ball system will use hand held devices we are now looking to take the further step of digitising our care planning. This again will represent a major leap forward in our care management.

Although paper care planning is fine, digital care planning can assimilate data in real time and therefore alert staff and management of any issues immediately.

‘Speech to text’ technology will also reduce the administrative burden on care staff allowing them to spend more time on social care rather than writing notes.

Other great features include a relatives gateway that will enable family members to view their relatives care notes in real time, and also allow relatives to upload family pictures and news directly to care staff to share with a loved one.

We are very much in the planning phase at the moment I will bring more news about this system in due course. In the meantime this video gives a great overview of the technology.

The improvements above will really put Avon Lee lodge at the forefront of current technology use in care in the local area and really help contribute to our provision of care.

Should you have any questions or suggestions please let me know lkennedy@avonleelodge.co.uk