A bit of press about our pods courtesy of Health Care Business Magazine:

Care Pods – are they the way forward?

One of the latest developments in the care home sector is the provision of care pods that provide for more independent living but with the benefits you would expect from living in a care home rather than in a warden assisted or extra care environment.

Leigh & Tracy Kennedy of Avon Lee Lodge based just outside of Christchurch in Dorset have recently built three such pods in the garden of their existing care home. Leigh said “The pods provide an excellent alternative for couples either or both of whom might require full time care. In their own home, the care is often provided by one partner sometimes but not always with support from home care staff, and this can often take a great toll on this partner.

Our pods provide for the same level of care as our residents receive in our care home and provide an excellent alternative to traditional residential care for our local community. It allows couples to stay together longer and in more favourable circumstances with the care work taken on by our highly trained and onsite care staff. Each pod has a large bedroom, a beautiful ensuite bathroom as well as full kitchen facilities and a large lounge as well as a call bell system linking them to the main home.

Residents can also opt to have meals delivered from the care home or eat within the dining room in the care home and allow families to visit and cook/share meals in a private setting, and even stay overnight”.

Morris Lane Chartered Accountants who specialise in acting for Care home operators have acted for Leigh for over 10 years and their senior partner Roger Morris recently visited the premises and was impressed by Leigh and Tracy’s vision and how cost effective the Pods were against the cost of traditionally built rooms.

Roger commented “We are used to seeing high quality modular construction in the holiday sector, but this takes things to a different level. The Pods here are not caravan based luxury lodges as you find in holiday parks, although they are finished to a similar exacting standard and include the latest technologies. From an operator viewpoint they are a cost-effective way of creating new rooms and thus increasing profitability whilst filling a niche in the market.

For potential residents it can free up capital as significant amounts would not be tied into a sheltered housing scheme which can be expensive, are difficult to sell, and often do not provide the level of 24-hour close care and support that can be offered within a formal care environment such as Avon Lee Lodge”

For more information please contact Leigh or Tracy Kennedy on 01202 476736.

Author: Viv Shepherd